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 Ramsey Taekwondo provides toddlers an exciting introduction to taekwondo with age-appropriate activities in an encouraging and nurturing environment. All classes are conducted in a clean and safe indoor studio by instructors who have an extensive experience in working with toddlers. Instructors often incorporate fun games into the class, in addition to introducing toddlers to the foundations of Taekwondo motions and philosophy.  Ramsey Taekwondo offers a great opportunity for your toddlers to stay active all year round.



 Classes geared toward children are longer and more focused on specific skills, such as specific kicks or poomsae (a sequence of defense-and-attack motions). Children are challenged at their individual levels in an upbeat and encouraging environment that is tailored to their age as well as their belt. Instructors also focus on building the children’s strength and stamina, as well as their confidence. Children will often have chances during the class to demonstrate kicks, poomsae, or other skills to the rest of the class, in a supportive atmosphere.



 Ramsey Taekwondo provides teenagers a safe and non-judgmental space for various forms of self-improvement, including self-defense, stress relief, and exercising. Triumph teaches our teenage practitioners the importance of strengthening both the mind and the body, and instills in them a sense of responsibility, as well as a deep respect for ourselves and for others.



 Taekwondo presents many great benefits for practitioners of all ages, including adults. Practicing taekwondo involves meditation, physical exercise, and self-defense. These different aspects of Taekwondo can help improve the overall health and well-being of the practitioner by increasing muscle tone, improving self-confidence, and relieving the stress of our busy daily lives.


Special Programs

 Ramsey Takwondo offers meaningful ways for children and teenagers to develop their taekwondo practice beyond attending classes. By joining the Black Belt Club, Demonstration Team, the Sparring Team or the Poomsae Club, practitioners can challenge themselves in deepening their understanding and practice of a specific aspect of Taekwondo. The members of these groups receive specialized training in a more intensive manner, but still in an encouraging environment that focuses on growth both individually and as a team.

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